Our Story

UMAH D’KALI, story of an encounter !

After living in Yogyakarta for many years I found Umah D’ Kali, it was a thunderbolt to my senses. Peering through the gates I saw old existing buildings and overgrown garden ….. but there was a soul emanating from within; fed by the constant source of the mysterious river at the bottom of the garden. I stood for a long time that day planning my future Inside the walls of Umah D’Kali.

After 2 years of fulfilling work, Umah D’ Kali (« the house of the river » in Javanese) became a magical place carefully renovated and modernized while maintaining the Javanese architecture codes.

It was during this renovation that the idea came to me to open the doors and make it a place of residence. But not a hotel or a traditional guesthouse ........

With only two villas, the residence is first and foremost, an encounter with the hosts and the spirit of Yogyakarta culture : refined, attentive service, contact with the country and its people.

This is the spirit I wanted for Umah D’ Kali, a place that is not only accommodation for sleeping but exceptional experience, a highlight during your trip to this wonderful part of Indonesia : Yogyakarta.